Expert Witness Services

I have performed Expert Witness services for both Plaintiffs / Claimants and Defendants / Respondents on securities and commodity futures issues over the course of my career.

I do not hold myself out as an Expert Witness, but I am approached from time to time by attorneys who know of my expertise in these areas of law. These attorneys will generally ask me to take a look at the issues in the litigation and express an opinion.

Often times, I am then asked to serve as an Expert Witness if my opinion squares with the theory of their case. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I do not. I only will agree to serve as an Expert Witness in a case where I feel my expertise will assist the Arbitration Panel or Court in coming to the correct conclusion.

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Other Practice Areas

Arbitration & Mediation

If you are involved in a dispute involving Securities and Commodity Futures, I have handled close to 100 such cases. I will guide you through the process of arbitration or mediation up to and including litigation and administrative proceedings, if necessary.

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Compliance & Enforcement

I will develop a securities and commodity futures compliance system to head off compliance issues. If you already have a situation that requires investigation, disciplinary action, civil injunction, or criminal referral I will defend and guide you to a satisfactory outcome.

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